Indycar: Six Things to Look Forward to in 2012

Here are 6 things to look forward to in the 2012 season:

1) Indycar Post-Dan Wheldon begins

What a rough off season it has been. Finger pointing, the blame game, speculation hour. It has all made this off season much more difficult. On top of all of that, we are now missing one of our brightest stars on and off the track.

But now is the time for Indycar drivers and community to show the rest of the racing world that we are one. Tributes will take place before the race. Tears will be shed. But once the visors go down, it will be business as usual. We will see heavy hearts, we won't see drivers becoming fearful.

2) DW12

In its much anticipated debut, the DW12 will take the track for the first time on a race weekend. The unknowns still loom. How will the racing be? What setups work and setups don't? Drivers have praised how it has progressed in the off season. It has already been proven to be faster on road courses, so look for new track records every weekend, at least at road courses. With a lot of critics and an equal number of supporters, it is time for all of the questions to be answered.

3) Engines, engines, engines

Time to see who did their homework in the off season and who has been making the best strides to make their engine better. Lotus, Honda, or Chevrolet, who will win? And don't be surprised if the era of engine failures returns.

4) Records to be broken?

Drivers can achieve tremendous racing feats this season. Dario Franchitti and Sebastien Bourdais both have 31 wins, and are in reach of breaking into the top five all time wins list, which is currently held by 5th place Bobby Unser with 35 wins. Paul Tracy has 30 wins, so if he gets something together, it is possible. Also, is technically speaking possible for Scott Dixon to do it too, who has 27 wins.

5) Driver changes

I count a total of driver 12 new driver/team changes in the off season. Rubens > KV, Legge > Dragon, Bourdais > Dragon, Conway > Foyt, Sato > RLL, Wilson > Coyne, Carpenter > ECR, Servia > D&RR, Hinch > AA, Newgarden > SFHR, Pagenaud > SSM, Tagliani > BHA. Which one will prove to be the best?

6) Power vs Franchitti Round 3

Will Power has finished second in the points standings for two straight seasons. His kryptonite? Dario Franchitti. Dario is going for his 5th straight Indycar title in his fifth straight Indycar season, can it be done? Or will Will Power finally get over the hump and win?

Round 3 *Ding Ding Ding*


-Matthew Hickey