Indycar Roundtable: Week 6

Indycar Roundtable is a discussion between 7 Indycar fans (including one driver) about our opinions and predictions on various topics of the upcoming season of the IZOD Indycar Series. If you have any comments on anyone's comments, feel free to tweet at them, their twitter handle is indicated next to their name.Today’s question is:

What is one race track you’d would like to see on the 2013 Indycar schedule?

There is one common denominator, Road America

Steve Jarzombek @sejarzo
If only one, Road America. I say that even though I live close to Chicagoland and would love to have a race within 40 minutes of home, but I think the drivers want to return to RA and the series' history there is undeniable. RA edges out Phoenix, which in its new configuration might not prove to be a suitable track anyway for IndyCar...and certainly a combo event with ALMS is not an option at Phoenix!
Tyler Duke @indycarpeggio
Definitely Milwaukee, I love that old place! If we can't have Milwaukee, I would have to say Road America. I have never been there, but if it comes back you can guarantee I'll be there!
Matthew Hickey @Indycar_MN
Chicagoland. Bring that track back asap. I would explain why, but instead I will just tell everyone to go back and watch past races there, talk about exciting stuff! And a close second goes to Road America.

Check for a blog from me this week on the 2013 schedule.
Mathew Gruenholz @MagooTheSTIG
Hmm. just one? Watkins Glen or Road America... (i wrote two)
Connor DePhillippi @CDePhillippi11
Road America hands down. There isn't even a question. The racing is always incredible and it is such a fan friendly race track on top of that. Access to the corners is easy and watching the new DW12 going flat out through the carousel would be nothing short of incredible.
D.J. Jordan @djordan3223
I am going to be selfish here and I want to see the IndyCar Series return to the Gateway Speedway since it rather close to me (approx 4hrs). It would be another race for me to attend in person, since I have only been to the 500. Honorable mentions go to (in no particular order: Phoenix, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Laguna Seca, and Michigan)
Jerry Cruz @jerrycruz1077
Well, I had actually posted on my blog IndyCar Puerto Rico ( )the best schedule possible for 2013. My take on that post is going back to basics and bring those track with strong IndyCar ties. I would have to double you on the question and take the Cleveland GP and Michigan International Speedway. Both races are fast, have many fans, and they are loaded with IndyCar history.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the conclusion of the roundtable debate.

-Matthew Hickey