Indycar Roundtable: Week 5

Indycar Roundtable is a discussion between 7 Indycar fans (including one driver) about our opinions and predictions on various topics of the upcoming season of the IZOD Indycar Series. If you have any comments on anyone's comments, feel free to tweet at them, their twitter handle is indicated next to their name. Today’s question is:

What is your stance on standing starts (on road courses)? Would you like to see it implemented or keep the old system?

Champ Car did some standing starts in 2007
Steve Jarzombek @sejarzo
Standing starts make great sense on many of the street courses now. The problem is that the distance from the last turn on the course that must be negotiated single-file to the start-finish line is too short for a proper two-wide flying start. The lead row would have to run something like 27-28 mph from the time they clear the hairpin at Long Beach to the acceleration point to allow the field to form properly. If you watch the replays of the 2011 start at Toronto, you'll see Power was braking into T1 while Danica was exiting T11.
Testing needs to be done with the new engines, clutch system, and gearbox to determine if standing starts are feasible and don't wreak havoc on the equipment. If it's workable, I'd like to see it tried on select street courses, but my preference would be to leave the flying starts in place at true road courses where it is possible to line up the field (which also is the case at St. Pete if the front row controls the pace properly!!!)
Tyler Duke @indycarpeggio
I would introduce it on a few tracks this year where a rolling start hasn't really worked very well, such as Long Beach, or maybe Mid-Ohio so the start can take place on the front stretch. For the rest of the road/street courses, keep the current system.
Matthew Hickey @Indycar_MN
Standing starts on Road Courses should become a rule, but other rules should also follow. In order to do standing starts, the field would have to be capped. You couldn’t fit 30 cars on the straight at Barber with sufficient road before turn 1, other tracks also follow this problem.
But I also hate seeing the first couple of rows in good formation and then the rest of the field way in the back not even getting the chance to pass into turn 1. It really isn’t fair in my opinion. Not to mention standing starts adds another element that a driver needs in order to be an elite driver. _____________________________________________________________________
Mathew Gruenholz @MagooTheSTIG
We never had rolling starts in Cross-country or Track... They build up anticipation, but thats about it.  I'm really impartial to either one, because some knucklehead will get "Visoed" on a RE-start anyway.
Connor DePhillippi @CDePhillippi11
I'm all for standing starts! They give so much more excitement and character to a start. An IndyCar fan wants to listen to 30 IndyCars on the rev-limiter and the entire grandstand shaking. That is why they come. Now give us 800hp so every car squirms and wiggles off the exit of the corners and we will be one step closer to an even better IndyCar fan experience.
D.J. Jordan @djordan3223
I would like to see them stay with rolling starts. I will admit though I have no experience watching races with standing starts, however I am will try to watch F-1 this year.
Jerry Cruz @jerrycruz177
I'm for whatever tools or systems bring more excitement toward IndyCar and the casual fan. Us, the hard-core fans, would suffice with all the races we can have in a season (bring that number to 24 races, Randy!). I have noticed that standing starts bring more toward the driver's skills and equipment power so if I have to pick one, lets go with standing starts for 2012 and see how it goes! Last year there were so many detractors from double-file restarts but now I bet they are all for it. It is all about the excitement and what can bring new fans to IndyCar.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for week six of the roundtable debate.

-Matthew Hickey