Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Has Conquest Been Conquered?

Any day now...


Ok seriously Conquest Racing, take your time.....

I'm getting a little fed up with your silence!!!

Ok I give up.

Conquest Racing has been almost silent this whole off season. The only time I have really heard about them in the news is when team owner, Eric Bachelart, came out and voiced his displeasure in not being chosen for the Leaders Circle program. But can he be surprised? Name one positive thing they have done since switching to Indycar? The only thing I can think of is fielding Tomas Scheckter in a couple of races. I guess Mr. Bachelart told that they will have one full time car in 2012...

Will Conquest land on all fours in Indycar in 2012?

"We will do one car," said Conquest team owner Eric Bachelart. "We will know a lot more in September, but one car for sure. We would love to have two cars, but I think that will be on speculation right now." -Eric Bachelart to

So the question remains is, is there some other factor that is prohibiting them from going forward? Sponsorship? I don't think so, as if they were to bring someone in like Esteban Guerrieri (as a last resort), who could bring Argentinian sponsorship to the table for the team, providing valuable funding, and therefore could avoid that problem. Lack of an engine? That may be it, but I have also heard that progress is being made when it come to the engine shortage. What could it be? Now more then ever, it is very important to have your program rolling with the brand new Indycar and to get a driver seat time in the new car so they can adapt to all of the new features.

And as of December, Conquest has shown interest in devleoping their ALMS LMP2 program, so I wonder if they might be jumping ship and heading to ALMS for good. Makes me wonder where their priorities are. But don't get me wrong, I am very proud for Martin Plowman and will be cheering him on the whole way!

But I am deeply concerned that we may have seen the end of the full time reign of Conquest Racing in Indycar...... Like, forever.

And now Andretti Autosport snagged their driver, Sebastian Saavedra, for a part time gig in Indycar for 2012 and full time in 2012. Now they need to find a new driver.

Still waiting........

-Matthew Hickey

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