Fast Five with Jacob Wilson

Here is a quick interview with Firestone Indy Lights driver Jacob Wilson, who won the FIL most popular driver of 2011 and recorded a top-five in the finale at Las Vegas, and who, in my opinion, is just getting warmed up in FIL. Enjoy!

1) I tried digging up information about how you got into racing but I am afraid I couldn't find any info on it! Could you tell us all how you got into racing and what your ultimate goal in racing (as in where do you want to end up)?
JW: I started karting at my local race track (Ben Hur Speedway, Crawfordsville, IN) and quickly became addicted. The next jump I made was to the national karting scene where my brother Clinton and I dominated in 2005. The next year I made the jump into the open wheel ranks and finally made my Firestone Indy Lights debut in October 2011. My ultimate goal is to be an Indy 500 champion, and Indycar Series champion.

Jacob recording his first USAC win at Salem Speedway

2) Describe how things went in the two FIL races you raced in at Kentucky and Las Vegas in 2011. What did you think of the cars? Tracks? Fans? Overall experience? 
JW: My first time in a lights car, I was ecstatic. The speed and handling of the cars are very exhilarating. My first race could have gone much smoother as I thought we had a top two worth car but the early crash dashed my hopes of visiting victory lane. Las Vegas went much smoother and was an absolutely amazing scene. Finishing fifth in my second race was a great rebound. The Indycar fans are some of the most loyal and entertaing I've ever been around. I had a great time with them at the Fan Zone in the not so ideal conditions at Kentucky and the wonderful sun in Vegas.

3) "No news is good news" is not the case at this point! I am dying to hear about your plans for 2012! I am well aware that you may not be in the position to give away any key details, but do you have a time frame as to when you will release your plans for the 2012 season?
JW: I've announced a partial schedule. I will be keeping to my roots in some respects still the sprint cars and silver crown cars. Our FIL program is still in the works. We are now within a month of the event and there are still a lot of rides open. I'm confident you will be seeing me this year in a Lights car, after all, if I want to win the 500, I need to continue to progress.

Jacob in the FIL car at Las Vegas

4) I have to ask you about how the AIRFIVE started and when/where did you start it?
JW: The legenday myth of the AIRFIVE. It all started as a simple gesture between a couple fans and I on twitter (!/jacobwilson07). It literally exploded over night gaining me over 500 followers in a week, and ultimately, with the help of many people who promoted me, contributed to me winning Firestone Indy Light's favorite driver award. None of this would have been possible of course without the fans that I am very gracious to.

5) The staple question of The Fast Five, have you ever sneezed, sighed, or done anything obscure whilst racing?
JW: Nothing too bizarre that I can think of. I've caught myself biting my tongue and thought "this would not be good if I was in a wreck". I have hummed a couple of times Joe Tanto in Driven style, while trying to find a rhythm of a tough track. On another note, how cool would it be to have one of those infinite gear boxes they have in movies?

Thanks for the interview Jacob, it was a privilege!
-Matthew Hickey