Fantasy Indycar Picks: St. Pete

Here are two ideas for the trophy that the winner will get after the Indycar season, whoever has the most points wins the beaut of a trophy! Here are the two designs, which one do you all like and what should the name of the trophy be? (Thanks @TheKing0fSwing for taking charge in the trophy effort!)

Option #1

Option #2

Here are the picks for St. Pete in my Fantasy Indycar League:

Name Twitter Handle Score Change
Alan Stewart _alanstewart 0 0 Power  Tags Carpenter  JR Marco
Andy Manes andyjm1989 0 0 RHR Dario TK Rahal Rubens
Jessica Baker bakerjm13 0 0 TK Tags Rahal Legge Conway
Connor DePhillippi cdephillippi11 0 0 Dario Dixon Power Sato JR
Chris Blackburn chblackburn23 0 0 Dixon RHR Power TK Briscoe
James Sedlmayr dfd827 0 0 Power  Hinch RHR Rahal TK
DJ Jordan djordan3223 0 0 Power  Rahal Dario Wilson  Conway
Emily Mugan emrymalee 0 0 Helio Dario TK Wilson Briscoe
Eric Hall erock_in_indy 0 0 Helio Dixon TK Wilson Marco
Gina Navarra fastlifeofgina 0 0 Power Dario Marco Newg TK
Ross Fujibayashi fujis123 0 0 Rubens Power Rahal Tags Hinch
Andy Nagel Gabbahey122475 0 0 Power Dixon  Rahal Dario Rubens
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN  0 0 RHR Helio Briscoe Conway Simona
James Beavers indycar_rebirth 0 0 TK Helio Dario RHR Rubens
Dave R. indycart 0 0 Rubens Dario Conway Wilson Rahal
Jason McVeigh jasekm 0 0 Dario Power RHR Wilson TK
Jerry Cruz jerrycruz1077 0 0 Helio RHR Power Dario Hinch
Jenn Bishop khiva1 0 0 Briscoe Power Rahal Wilson Rubens
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 0 0 Dario Hinch Power  RHR TK
Kyle O'Gara kyleogara 0 0 Newg Hinch  Power  Briscoe Dixon
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg 0 0 Helio Dario Power  TK Briscoe
Mathew Gruenholz magoothestig 0 0 TK Helio Simona Dario Rahal
Megan Bickel megankbickel 0 0 Power Hinch Rahal RHR Dario
Rick Snodie rickfromwi 0 0 Power Briscoe Helio Conway Rubens
Diego Santesteban santesteband 0 0 Power Hinch  Wilson Rahal Legge
James Alban TheKing0fSwing 0 0 Dixon Wilson Rahal Simona Newg

Most picked: Will Power (17)

Not picked: EJ Viso, Sebastien Bourdais, James Jakes, Oriol Servia, Simon Pagenaud, and Charlie Kimball.