Friday, February 10, 2012

You Know You're An Indycar Fan if

You know you are an Indycar fan if.....

  • You recognize Porkchop as a race car rather than a food
  • You don't take any driver from Venezuela seriously
  • You are forever touched by the legacy of Dan Wheldon
  • You know the context of the word "Wanker"
  • Criticizing Bob Jenkins is routine
  • The smell of Ethanol makes you happy
  • You laugh when people on Miller's Mailbag vigorously complain about everything
  • You keep track of how long it is till the last Sunday in May
  • You punch someone in the face when they think Indycar and Nascar are the same
  • You see a random person fall and yell, "Get Visoed."
  • You see a tweet a day with the message of "Drink ye bastards."
  • You know Ryan Briscoe's twin brother, Kevin
  • You stare at TK's nose in amazement, as to ask, "How does his helmet fit?"
  • Planking is a weekly ritual
  • You never second guess yourself when you say the name Will Power. That is his real name, right?
  • Driven is in your DVD collection
  • Tweeting at drivers is a part of the sport
  • You know the difference between oversteer and understeer
  • The destruction of the Indycar Death Star is cause for celebration
  • You don't get that excited when Tomas Scheckter passes 10 cars on a restart because it is expected
  • The buildup to turn 3 at Toronto scares you
  • You're glad Danica is no longer an Indycar driver
  • "Back Home Again In Indiana" is on your iPod
  • Tony George is on your "People I don't care for" list
  • Watching Nascar on road courses makes you laugh
  • Dragon is more than an animal to you
  • You know what the acronyms HVM, SSM, AA, and MSR stand for
  • Getting in debates over Indycar stuff on Twitter is common
  • Listening to AJ Foyt talk is entertaining
  • You refer to her as the Swiss Missile instead of Simona de Silvestro
  • Cracking Milka jokes is all too easy
  •  You love the great tradition of racing and all of its history!

Do you all have some other funny ones? Tweet them! I'd love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey

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