Time for the Swiss Missile to Shine

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Two moments that really shafted Simona's chances of decent results were both incredibly flukish. The first incident was at Texas in 2010. Simona got loose coming out of turn two and hit the wall, and her car stayed on the wall all the way to turn three. An oil line snapped, and the body work caught fire. What resulted was a massive amount of flames and Simona had troubles getting out of the car. Thankfully she got out, but with a burnt hand. It was a double whammy: Simona injured herself and the car was completely wrecked, little to none of the car could be salvaged. Her backup car was much older and heavier, so the rest of her season was basically a sunken season. In 2011, she earned rookie of the years honor at the Indianapolis 500. She also recorded two top tens at Toronto and Mid Ohio. And leading laps at your first ever race at Sao Paulo was an impressive statement. Not only that, but she held off the leaders for several laps.

2011 comes around, and HVM has a brand new car for Simona to race in. And she showed it off so nicely in her first race, with a fourth place finish at the season opener in St. Petersburg. Then BAM, she followed it up with a ninth place finish at Barber, even after getting spun in the race. Things are looking up for Simona. Then rough outings at Long Beach and Sao Paulo led them to Indy. Then, in one of the worst single car crashes I've ever seen, Simona entered turn three and something broke. The car got airborne, hit the catch fence, and went up side down on the track whilst being of fire. Amazingly, Simona was okay. Deja vu like Texas in '10, as Simona had another burnt hand and another car that could not be salvaged. Yet she qualified for the 500 with the oldest car in the field. She got a concussion at Milwaukee, but raced through it, which was rather dangerous, but they don't call her the Swiss Missile for nothin'. Another top ten at Toronto, and Simona beat out Jakes and Beatriz in the points, which is an accomplishment all things considered.



Now it is 2012. Everyone has the same car. Everyone is on a clean slate. And Simona is primed for a break out year. Just hoping she doesn't crash, burn her hand, and damage the car to the point of insalvageabilty. I think Simona can give the Death Star a run for the money this season.

So here's hoping to an end to the Murphy's Law at HVM and Simona.

-Matthew Hickey