Lionheart Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

Lionheart Grand Prix of St. Petersburg presented by Honda. Doesn't that just sound amazing? It has a nice ring to it, and it would be a very nice tribute to Dan Wheldon. I don't think there is a single person who wasn't touched by Dan Wheldon on and off the track, and this was shown after the overwhelming support the Wheldon family and friends received following that horrid October 16th day.

DW racing through his adopted hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida

And what a fitting tribute it would be to Dan and his family to rename the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg to Lionheart Grand Prix of St. Petersburg presented by Honda. You really couldn't pay much more of a tribute to Dan then that.

The Wheldon's adopted hometown in America is in St. Petersburg, Florida. So not only does it make sense to name the hometown race after Dan, but it is also the opener of the Indycar season and it sends that message to the rest of the world that we have not forgotten Dan, and we honor him and emphatically miss him on a day to day basis, but the show goes on. We are one, and we are going to put on a show to remember our great friend, husband, father, role model, and driver.

I am not saying this will be an easy 'let's just add two words to the race title' type of situation. I understand there is sponsorship implications as well as other political ramifications that follow with changing the name of grand prix, but I encourage Randy Bernard, Indycar officials, and St. Pete officials to seriously look into the idea of changing the name to honor Dan.

Can't take credit for the idea though, as it was all @RIPDanWheldon's idea. They tweeted the idea and told people to retweet it if they liked. In just under a day, it has gotten 208 retweets (as of 4:03pm central yesterday) which is a crap load of people. Someone take notice of this, as this is one of the best ideas I have ever had and it would be a tremendous tribute to Dan Wheldon.

Rest in peace friend, miss you so a ton. Much love

-Matthew Hickey