Indycar Roundtable: Week 3

Indycar Roundtable is a discussion between 7 Indycar fans (including one driver) about our opinions and predictions on various topics of the upcoming season of the IZOD Indycar Series. If you have any comments on anyone's comments, feel free to tweet at them, their twitter handle is indicated next to their name. Today’s question is:

The 2012 Indycar season is highly anticipated for many reasons, mainly the DW12 will see its first action in a race this season. What are your thoughts on the DW12? Likes, dislikes?

Marco in the new DW12

Steve Jarzombek @sejarzo

It's great to see anything other than the 3rd gen Dallara out there from my point of view. While it had a great safety record overall, its performance shortcomings on the non-ovals were obvious, and it was well beyond time to bring in a new chassis to incorporate more safety improvements. Likewise, it's time to race a car that was designed from the start to be driven on a mix of ovals and road/street courses. Aesthetically, I was never a fan of that long, thin pointy nose nor the cockpit hump.

Based on the driver comments so far, the DW12's larger cockpit and better visibility are definite plusses, along with the carbon brakes, elimination of the clutch pedal, and other improvements that are now common across most top-tier open wheel formulas. Given the fact that more and more of the general public sees auto racing in a somewhat negative, wasteful light, the move to lower displacement turbo V6's makes great sense, and I also welcome it if only for the fact that I was not a huge fan of the extremely loud naturally aspirated V8. The avoidance of excessive driver aids should result in racing that does indeed ensure that the best drivers prevail for the most part.

It would have been nice to have a longer development period to have come up with a better solution to the weight distribution issue, but that horse done left the barn!


Tyler Duke @indycarpeggio

Initially I didn't really know what to think. It didn't really jump out at me as being either revolutionary or ugly, but I think it will work well. My favorite part about the new car is the turbocharged engine. I'm really looking forward to seeing manufacturer competition this year!

Matthew Hickey @Indycar_MN

Hopefully the car will produce more exciting road course racing! It has been long overdue, and unlike the IR05, you can switch things up on this car to adapt to the future, which is unlike the IR05. I thing bringing back multiple engine manufacturers is the best baggage that comes with the new car! More competition, and engine failures will be back into play!_________________________________________________________________________________
Mathew Gruenholz @MagooTheSTIG
SAFETY.  Its safer for the driver so I like it automatically.  It looks ugly in a cool kind of way, like maybe Christopher Walken driving the Bat-mobile lol.  I LOVE the manufacturers getting back in the game i.e. Lotus, Chevy, and Honda. Where are you Dodge?  (I want a Hemi Indycar) 
Connor DePhillippi @CDePhillipp11
The addition of the DW12 is great for IndyCar and I cannot wait to see them all running at St.Pete for the first race. I love the sound of the turbo charged engines and the look of the road course car is fantastic. There is always some tweaks to make something look better, but I feel IndyCar and Dallara did a good job. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the way the car looks with the oval package, but then again this isn't a beauty contest. It will have great potential once they get the bugs worked out of it and I think we will see some big numbers at Indy within the next few years.
D.J. Jordan @djordan3223
Honestly don't know my thought on the DW12. I will say they look a heck of a lot better with the teams livery on it. I hope it makes the road/street course racing more exciting, which I think it will. The test will be how it well it works on the ovals. Overall speeds don't concern me as much, its the competition on the track.
Jerry Cruz @jerrycruz1077
The DW12 is an interesting chassis. At first I said "what the heck is going on with those bubbles in the back tires" but I like it better than the Delta Wing. My concept car of choice was the Swift Engineering #70 version. It my opinion that   Swift Engineering should be allowed to bring that chassis to compete with Dallara. Now, answering your question, as soon as the DW12 has been painted with the teams' colors you could see their is much better-looking than we thought at first. What I dislike, well, that it cannot reach over 230mph for now.
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for week four of the roundtable debate.

-Matthew Hickey