Indycar Roundtable: Week 2

Indycar Roundtable is a discussion between 7 Indycar fans (including one driver) about our opinions and predictions on various topics of the upcoming season of the IZOD Indycar Series. If you have any comments on anyone's comments, feel free to tweet at them, their twitter handle is indicated next to their name.Today’s question is:

Who is one free agent driver you would like to see in an Indycar full time in 2012?

Maybe Plowman?

Maybe T-Scheck?

Steve Jarzombek @sejarzo

Very tough question, but a great one. Just one, you say??? Well, disclaimer's tough for me as I have met a number of the folks who've driven in the SSM FIL cars in recent years, and my opinion is colored by knowing them as people, not just as drivers.....but I'll say Wade Cunningham. If not Wade, it would be Alex Lloyd. Both are ex-FIL champs that have paid their dues and are proven winners there, showing well on both ovals and twisties.

Can I nominate someone for a partial season in 2012? Plowey is the guy who should be getting the nod to run a more extensive partial season somewhere based on his showing in 2011, with a chance to be seen on ovals, too. No one wants to see drivers injured and missing races, but he's the one I'd pick as the fill-in guy for that in 2012. We need to get more younger talent moving up, otherwise the ladder system is worthless. Maybe a better way to put it...the cost to win an FIL championship is far too high for what it's been worth lately!

Tyler Duke @indycarpeggio

Tomas Scheckter. He is a driver that is just fun to watch. I remember seeing him in Milwaukee in 2009, quite often as he would come by us in turn 1, we could hear his tires squealing as he made the high line stick. He really knows how to drive a car anywhere, and it's very fun to follow him through a race.

Matthew Hickey @Indycar_MN

Martin Plowman, no question. He raced in three races in 2011. Something went south as far as a failure within the car at Mid Ohio, so he got his one bad luck charm out of the way for the rest of the season. Finishing 12th at Sonoma, Martin beat out drivers that include TK, Andretti, Danica, Sato, Tags, and Conway. And then in Baltimore, he finished 11th, which shows A) Sonoma wasn’t blind luck and B) He is worthy of some kind of deal in 2012. In Baltimore, he beat out drivers that include Briscoe, Andretti, Castroneves, Hinchcliffe, and Simona. Although it is unlikely he will get a full time deal in 2012, I hope someone realizes Martin as a great driver and terrific human being, and gives him some kind of deal in 2012.

Also have to give a shout to Connor DePhillippi, hoping he gets a ride in Indy Lights!_________________________________________________________________________________
Mathew Gruenholz @MagooTheSTIG
Martin Plowman.  What a great person and representitive of the sport.  He's got the talent, no doubt and charisma.  I'd like to see him in another SFHR car or maybe second HVM Racing team at LEAST. _________________________________________________________________________________
Connor DePhillippi @CDePhillippi11
Barrichello would be a very interesting addition to the IndyCar series. It would bring a lot of new fans and it would make the talent level in IndyCar that much higher.
D.J. Jordan @djordan3223
My free agent who I personally want to see full time in 2012 is Tomas Scheckter. Other than Tony Kanaan, there is no more exciting driver to watch on starts and restarts than Tomas.
Jerry Cruz @jerrycruz1077
Have always pull for Bruno Junqueira which to me is another Oriol Servia in terms of skills and lack of appreciation for him. The guy is just too good and skillful to be sitting on the sidelines. He seems well mannered and very friendly. Why he is not picked up by any team is mind-boggling!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for week three of the roundtable debate.

-Matthew Hickey