Free agent update post Leaders Circle decision

In this article, we will take a look at current free agent Indycar drivers and where, if there is any place, for them in this years full time 2012 Indycar field:

Paul Tracy
Paul Tracy was supposed to be in Shank Racing, but since Shank failed to get into the Leaders Circle, you may not see PT in Indycar at all in 2012, maybe a one-off at Indy. It is a shame because PT was looking forward to going out with a bang, and now that may be in jeopardy.

Tomas Scheckter
No ride, not even associated with a team at this point, and looking like another part time year for Tomas again. Such a shame. No one is more exciting to watch in Indycar then Tomas, especially on the restarts. Praying for a deal with D&RR.

Martin Plowman
Things are looking up for Martin, especially after reported that Schmidt would combine with Davey Hamilton to make a two car effort and Martin is the front runner for the seat after impressing with a couple starts in 2011. Let's hope this happens.

Jay Howard
If I were a betting man, I'd say a deal with RLL will be announced within the next week. He's got all the skills that any boss would love to have, can he secure that ride for good?

Bertrand Baguette
What a waste, can someone give this man the opportunity he deserves? Someone, anyone? RLL and D&RR may be his only options at a full time ride.

Alex Lloyd
Coyne still has one seat avaliable and Lloyd, who has raced for Coyne the last two seasons, is in the running for the seat. Does he have sponsors is the biggest question. He has talent and skill, but has still yet to prove himself.

Wade Cunningham
Second place in the running to the Schmidt seat, and chances of beating out Plowman are slim due to the vast road course skills that Plowman has. Cunningham is the oval specialist, but with a lack of ovals on the schedule, he isn't in demand so to speak.

Ana Beatriz
Uh oh, Bia may not have ride. D&RR may go to a one car team, and if they are going to a one car team, I don't think Bia will be the driver for that team. Maybe a part time schedule for someone.

Sebastian Saavedra
I don't see why a return to Conquest wouldn't work, just needs more sponsorship money. He had some good runs but bad luck bit him all season.

Pippa Mann
With rumors pinning Jay Howard to RLL and Saavedra to Conquest, where oh where could Pippa go? She's been tweeting about having the chance to go full time in 2012, but I'm just not seeing it with the remaining spots left.

James Jakes
He has the sponsor in Acorn Stairlifts, but will Coyne bring him back in 2012? It looks as if that may be a strong possibility.

It should be interesting next couple of weeks! Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey