Fast Five with Miles Maroney

Background on Miles Maroney. Born in America, Miles has been racing since the age of 4. Some of his championship accolades include winning the International Karting Federation, the Stars of Karting Championships, and multiple other series championships. He raced in the F2000 series at the age of 16, wining after his sixth race, and going on to win rookie of the year. Then this last year at the age of 18, Miles became the youngest driver to ever race in the American Le Mans Series. So, drum roll please, my interview with Miles Maroney:

1) You have been racing since you were 4 years old, which I think is incredible! I can't even remember what I was doing at 4 years old! How did you get started at such a young age?

MM: Racing has always been in the family, with my father, Uncle, and Grandfather growing up on motorcycles in the desert. It was only natural that my dad needed to test the waters of whether I liked the racing or not, so he decided to get me a lesson out at Adam's kart track at the age of 4. Probably the most expensive thing he's ever done.. Ha! From then on, it was all I thought about, and my love for it has led me to where I am today.

Miles has been winning his whole
life, this is him at age 10!

2) Speaking of young age, you are the youngest driver to ever race in the American Le Mans Series. Does this stat mean a lot to you or is it just another statistic?

MM: I think that any time a record is broken that has stood for a long time, it's a special thing. I tried to ignore the hype about it throughout the Long Beach weekend to stay focused on the goal, but it really sank in afterward and still feels awesome whenever I write it down somewhere.

Miles racing in ALMS at Long Beach

3) Although you may not be in the position to, can you shed any light on what your intentions are for the 2012 season?

MM: I wish I could! I have a couple of directions in mind for 2012 and some opportunities in high places, but as always, the budget is the limiting factor at the moment.

4) What are your long term goals in racing? More clearly stated, what racing series do you want to end up in?

MM: In a perfect world, my goal is and has always been to become a Formula One World Champion. In terms of the near future, though, I don't have any specific series that I want to limit myself to. I want to be able to seize any opportunity available and make the most of every chance I get, no matter what car it's in.

5) The staple question of The Fast Five, have you ever sneezed, sighed, or done anything obscure whilst racing?

MM: I always enjoy when I get asked questions like these, because my answers always seem to shock whoever is asking. As much focus and concentration as it takes to hustle these cars around at close to 200mph, it's almost subconscious to me at this point. I think part of why I'm so consistent in the car is that my mind is always wandering among different topics and I don't need to worry about hitting my marks, it just happens. I've always found that the calmer I could make my myself in a car, the more incredible the results would become. The most obscure physical thing I've done would probably have to be when I raced in the 12 hour race in Malaysia at the Sepang F1 Circuit. After three stints in the car with an ambient temp around 90ºF and what seemed like 110% humidity, I was using my hand to funnel air inside the car toward my helmet in an attempt to stay as cool as possible. For the record, it was a pretty futile attempt.

I'd like to thank Miles Maroney for the time, it was a privilege to interview him! Good luck in 2012 my friend, the future is bright for you.

-Matthew Hickey