The power of an AIRFIVE

Jacob Wilson. If you ask for an #AIRFIVE on twitter,
he'll give it to ya
Strange. Strange is defined as not native to or naturally belonging in a place. I find it strange that Jacob Wilson won the most popular driver award in the Firestone Indy Lights Series. It took him all of two races to become the most popular. And in those two races, he recorded a top five at Vegas, which is amazing considering the limited amount of time he had in the car.

I started following Jacob Wilson on twitter when I saw a bunch of retweets about an airfive. I was just thinking to myself, 'What the hell is an airfive and why do people keep tweeting it?' Obviously I knew what an airfive was, I just had no idea why people were doing it in massive quantities. And then I saw Jacob Wilson tweeted about it and he personally airfives all of his followers who helped him obtain new followers. I immediately "fell in love" (no homo) with Jacob and his tweets. Great humor and he takes a lot of time to tweet to his fans. Maybe he is the overly charismatic fun loving figure Indycar is needing. Already a fan favorite, watch for Jacob's fan base to grow dramatically when he starts full time. The sky is the limit for Mr. Wilson.

-Matthew Hickey