It was his brains, not his balls, that led Bourdais to Dragon

I remember awhile back reading something on saying that Sebastien Bourdais wasn't interested in returning to Indycar full time. There could be a multitude of reasons as to why he might not have wanted to race full time. Maybe it is the direction the sport is headed, the other drivers in the series *cough PT cough*, or maybe because he is French and 97 % of French people, like Bourdais (Pagenaud, Vautier excluded), tend to be a little down about the little things in life and racing (joking, sort of). Case and point, Bourdais has built up a natural fear of ovals and the type of racing it produces. He does not consider ovals "racing" and therefore didn't bother with them.

SeaBass only raced road courses in 2011

"At the end of the day, what we’ve not seen on the one-and-a-half [mile ovals] is racing. It’s {an aerodynamic} drag contest. Oval racing should be about drivers driving cars at the limit." -Sebastian Bourdais in an interview on SPEED

So I was shocked when I heard Dragon had signed Bourdais to a full time deal for 2012. My thoughts were, 'What the hell? The guy that said he didn't want to race full time because of the ovals?' Then it started to make sense. Ovals would be much safer thanks to improvements on the DW12, as well as no more 1.5 mile ovals on the schedule. And then I started thinking about how smart Bourdais was being. AND THEN, Peugeot dropped out of Le Mans. Bourdais might have seen this coming, so he got a deal done to get back into Indycar ASAP. So seeing this coming, Bourdais realized the potential opportunity in Indycar and also realized that the new car would better cope with his road course heritage, especially the carbon brakes.

It isn't like Bourdais woke up one night and said, "Screw it, I am going to go full time in 2012." He didn't wake up with a new pair of stones. It was a process and I believe he made the right decision while using his brains. Smart decision on his part. And now with a schedule that is majority road courses, you may see some big races from SeaBass in 2012.

-Matthew Hickey