Indycar Q and A Week 3, 2012

Q and A ready for fan devouring:

Why are some “fans” holding such negativity about the 2012 schedule? - @Khiva1

When I saw the schedule, I was a bit discouraged. But now I am getting the sense that it won’t be as bad as many think. The new car should produce much better racing in road courses and hopefully a new rule book won’t discourage the one defensive move. The main reasons why I think people are upset is: a) It is starting to drift away from the Indycar roots b) It is much more different than the previous schedule which produced some fantastic races.

How does the series rebound in St Pete following the horrible events in Las Vegas? - @RIPDanWheldon

There will probably be a big pre race ceremony honoring Dan. Emotions will be high. But once the visors lock and the flag drops, it will be business as usual. I don’t think drivers will be any less aggressive than normal.

What are your thoughts on the proposed Minnesota Raceway Park? - @Trapeterson

For those that don’t know, a plan has been proposed for a 7/8th mile oval in Elko, Minnesota. It is about two hours from the Iowa boarder and two hours from the Twin Cities. They have major funding from an unknown source.  It will seat 65,000 people. It will be a great race, and filling the seats shouldn’t be too difficult with Rochester and Albert Lea not too far from the track. I approve, but maybe I am just saying that because I live in Minnesota.

When will we see more sponsor activation in Indycar like we see in Nascar? - @djordan3223

As of recent, I think sponsors are doing a much better job of promoting Indycar and its involvement. IZOD, Macys, GoDaddy, and Verizon.  But other sponsors like Target, Phillips, Holmatro, and Novo Nordisk do little to no advertising that benefit Indycar. Now there is virtually nothing Indycar can do about this, but it would be nice to see more sponsor involvement from current sponsors. I think Indycar has many great sponsors all ready, but the sponsors aren’t doing Indycar the best of favors.

That looks gorgeous
Why did Dallara come up with such an ugly new car? I understand function over form, but c’mon, the new car is hideous. - @OpenWheelAddict

In time! 2013, aero kits will take care of that problem! Plus they look much better with the bigger rear wing and actual paint schemes

With what happened at Vegas, we are welcoming this newer, safer car. But what is different and how is it safer? - @OpenWheelAddict

The rear bumper (which hasn’t been tested yet) is designed to prevent cars from launching over each other. The cockpit itself provides much more cushioning to the head for a rear impact. The cockpit is also seated higher providing better vision for the drivers. The cockpit itself is made of some heavy duty stuff that will surely make it equally safe if not safer than the previous car. Overall, I believe this car is safer, but the risk of death is surely not eliminated.

Thanks to those who asked questions!

-Matthew Hickey