The blocking rule must go

Penalized? Penalized for what? Giorgio protected the inside line like as a driver was taught to. How is that a penalty?

Those were my thoughts after Sonoma this season. For some reason, Indycar decided to implement this rule which states that drivers must stay on their side of the track when being passed by an opposing car. I think this rule is a load of crap. The implementation of this rule has always been spot on. The officials have been doing their job correctly. But this rule should not exist. Since when is a series allowed the right to tell a driver how to drive? And since when can a driver not defend their position / change their lane?

Helio "blocking" Will

I and many others watch Formula 1. The one defensive move system they use is brilliant, and it is also executed perfectly. This rule implemented and enforced correctly would make road course racing more important. I understand drivers mess up every now and then in a corner. So instead of defending their position, they get passed by a freight train of cars. And there is nothing they can do about it.

So somebody in Indycar should make a new rule that says: 'On a road/street course, a driver is allowed one defensive move if it is deemed not hazardous to those around him/her.' I believe this current rule exists due to the ovals. But the road courses and ovals have different rules already (tires, aero kits, etc) so why can't the blocking rules be changed on road courses? Someone from Indycar, please change the rule.

-Matthew Hickey