Top 15 Indycar drivers of all time #8

Here is the #8 driver on my list 15 for the best Indycar drivers of all time. *Note that I am selecting drivers from old IRL and onwards, so 1996-onwards

Buddy Rice

I did the counting myself (because I couldn't find the stats on it), and according to my sophisticated counting abilities, Buddy has scored 45 top 10 finishes. 45!! That is crazy, almost half of his starts (93) were top 10 finishes. He won the 2004 Indy 500 in thrilling fashion, making that great pass on TK, almost hitting the inside wall. I feel bad for Buddy, who was overshadowed by Danica 'no wins' Patrick for most of his time at Rahal Letterman in 2005-2006. And he finished an impressive ninth place in the standings with Dreyer and Reinbold racing in 2007. Buddy Rice's career isn't over either, and I'm excited to see if his future plans pan out.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for #7
-Matthew Hickey