Top 15 Indycar drivers of all time #7

Here is the #7 driver on my list 15 for the best Indycar drivers of all time. *Note that I am selecting drivers from old IRL and onwards, so 1996-onwards

Will Power

In 57 (yes, 57) Indycar races, Will Power has 13 wins, 22 podiums, and 18 poles. When Indycar goes to a road course, drivers know who the man to beat is. Will Power has changed the mood in the paddock on most weekends. He is the road course expert. He has had moderate success on ovals of lately, still needs some fine tuning. In only two full time seasons, Power has 11 wins in 34 races, which is damn close to one third of the races. I believe the new car will aid him because he will be able to attack the track more. Will Power will be once again there in the hunt for the title this year and every year he is in the series. And he has gained new fans with his colorful personality like using the word 'wanker' and giving the double birds to race officials after New Hampshire. If/when Power gets a 500 and a couple of championships, Power will jump up to the top three on the list.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for #6
-Matthew Hickey