Get used to hearing the name Anders Krohn

Figuring I had nothing better to do with my time on a Friday afternoon, I decided to flip on the Freedom 100, the Indy Lights race at Indianapolis. Watching the race was enjoyable, and a big reason for that was the spectacular driving of Anders Krohn. To be honest, at the time I did not know who he was. As the race progressed, Anders continued to pass people in the third lane in the middle of the turn, it was like nothing I had ever seen!

                                             (That is Anders in the red car on the high side)

He was leading but spun under yellow which was a shame, but he cruised back through the field only to get wrecked. But I instantly became a fan and started to pay attention to him as a driver and as a person. What I gathered is Anders is one hell of a driver. Fearless yet in control. He had great top five runs all season and some bad luck at Baltimore, out braking himself while leading with a few laps to go. And some more DNFs at no fault of his own. All in all, Anders had a great FIL season.

And then there is Anders as a person. Yes any driver can mention their sponsors in an interview and be forced to sign an autograph here and there, but Anders goes above and beyond, always signing autographs and doing anything he can for fans. And there is the things you can't teach. He is humble and he has a great work ethic, which teams in Indycar will take note of. You combine this with an infectious smile, a fun loving personality, and incredible amounts of driving skills, you have a recipe for a future legend. Get used to hearing the name Anders Krohn, a future champion in Indycar.

Thanks for reading friends
-Matthew Hickey